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Wait a sec. Where did my audience go?

You’ve come so far in building followers, email subscribers and even filling up past committees with volunteers. Suddenly, all of that work is out the window.

Engagements have dropped. The audience that you have just doesn’t seem all that inspired anymore.

Where have they gone and how do you get them back?

Motivate, activate and win over advocates

It’s no secret that having strong emotional appeals is an important approach to inspire nonprofit supporters to take action. That’s why you’re already leveraging storytelling in your communications.

You’ve spent a lot of time incorporating storytelling techniques into the website and throughout multiple acquisition channels.

You’ve taken great care in putting together your strategy and you know exactly how you’d like people to engage with the content.

So, why aren’t your campaigns generating the results you expected?

Could the problem be a technical one?

Unclog your conversion funnel

Having an authentic story is vital. Beyond simple bad luck, there are a million-and-one technical snafus that can create friction for a returning audience who is interested in taking action on your messaging. After nurturing a potential supporter throughout their journey, the last thing you want is to have some overlooked technicality cutting your conversions in half.

The questions below are a few ideas to help uncover blind spots in your current strategy.

  • At what point in the user journey are visitors leaving the website?
  • Is your social media content not getting the same amount of traction as it used to?
  • Do you have a form on your site that stopped getting results?

Often, a drop in engagement is a result of people losing the ability to engage. Taking the time to rule out technical issues will save you a lot of time and trouble. Can you imagine overhauling your entire brand just to discover the problem was due to a broken subscribe button on the last page of a form? Yikes!

Once technical issues have been ruled out and you’re still seeing fewer engagements, it’s time to consider other possibilities. What if your supporters trying to tell you something?

Relationships take work

Be honest. Has your organization been neglecting communications with your existing audience? Online audiences are savvy at recognizing when they aren’t being appreciated. Focusing on growth without nurturing the relationships you already have can have a negative impact on engagement and retention.

Inspire, engage, retain

Regardless of why you’re existing base is on the decline, all is not lost. If you are losing engagement, or in need of inspiring an audience that’s lost it’s original spark, you can still bounce back.

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Keep tabs on those engagement rates and watch them grow

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