Our Services

Our main focus is to support organizations with custom digital marketing services that are too often neglected by internal communications teams due to time and resourcing constraints. Some of our most popular services include Search Engine Optimization, Web Refresh, Local SEO, Google Ads, and Google For Nonprofits Suite of products, like the Google Ads Grant. Depending on an organization or business’s goals they may also benefit from other services. We try to accommodate based on goals and resources. Below is a sample of the kinds of services we are actively managing for both our nonprofit and for-profit partners.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services

The internet is constantly changing, which means the way people find information online changes just as quickly. To keep up, websites undergo regular checkups that help them remain visible in search. The search engine optimization audit provides you with a detailed game plan, freeing you to prioritize updates to your website in ways that will best support the mission and purpose of your organization.

Local Search Optimization

Our local search management comes with a refresh for your Google My Business listing, and weekly updates to your online presence. We will monitor up to five keywords rankings to determine your position in local search. We also submit your locations to thousands of online directories to help you expand into new markets and increase your exposure to more potential customers online.

  • Reputation Marketing

If your organization is online, then you must have a strategy for review management. For example, your Google My Business listing is the first thing most people see when searching for you. We monitor your listings to keep content fresh, to review changes to the platform, and to monitor community engagements. Reputation marketing improves local search visibility and improves customer relationships.

  • Reputation Outreach

In order to generate more positive feedback, we will drive targeted campaigns that request reviews from happy customers. We will also develop external SEO strategies to direct traffic from online channels where people are talking positively about the organization’s brand.

Google Ads Grant Optimization

A Google Ad Grant gives your website a jolt of adrenaline. Google lets nonprofits jump to the top of the search page with free advertising. These ads can target searches related to fundraising, volunteer opportunities, business partnerships, events and more. While the ads are free, actual setup and maintenance for a high-performing Google Ad Grant account require professional expertise.

Website Building & Maintenance

We build and design websites with you and your customers’ goals in mind. Additionally, when we build or refresh your website you have the opportunity to take advantage of our dedicated host for free, along with monthly web maintenance and performance checks.

Analytics & Insights Reporting

A monthly report will not yield results on its own. Used as a way to monitor changes it can help identify a problem before it becomes an emergency. Our visually appealing reports are a highly effective communication tool that allows us to identify new opportunities for your content strategy, diagnose possible technical issues on your website, and measure the impact of your online campaigns.

Grant Writing

Grant writing consultation and preparation can come in the form of a consultant or coach that can bring fresh perspective to existing or new programs. Our grant writer has been fortunate to serve as a panelist for the State of Florida’s Division of Arts and Culture grant program for two years with a 90% awarded success rate on grant proposals. 


Additional Services

Many organizations we talk to also need assistance with micro-tasking and projects beyond the scope of our listed services. Examples of this include monthly analytics reports, content management or website updates, SEO implementation, social media assistance, etc. We want to help, which is why we offer additional support at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire.


What do these services mean?

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