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Why you need SEO or Search Engine Optimization, and understanding how it is constantly evolving

Whether you’ve been in the workforce for 30-plus years or working at NASA when the internet was born in 1968, you probably know a little bit about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) without even realizing it. Most everyone with internet access understands the intent behind using a search engine is to get an accurate result.

This is SEO in a nutshell.

SEO today isn’t the SEO of yesterday

My favorite statement I hear from business professionals is, “I remember how SEO works.”

  1. Remembering 5th grade math is a thing.
  2. Remembering SEO (which is something in constant change) is impossible.

So often, the methodologies of a technology change over time and that’s why SEO today isn’t the SEO of yesterday.

Why do you need SEO now and tomorrow? The way people interact with search engines has evolved over the years. Which has changed the way websites are developed, and the content on webpages has changed to coincide with information delivery.

Initially, when we accessed the web in late 1980’s and 90’s via dial-up it was a sit-down experience like opening an encyclopedia or phone book to search by a category or singular topic. Today, we are predominantly using our mobile devices, phones, and workplace machines to process information immediately.

Time to delegate

Because SEO is always changing, in order to get results for your website you need support from experienced and passionate problem solvers who are committed to keeping up with the latest innovations.

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