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Craft a winning grant proposal

Does your organization need help writing grants? Grant writing isn’t just complex – it’s perplexing. Get effective and successful grant submissions prepared with a grant writing professional.

We’ll help guide, write, and submit for the specific needs of each funder and funding opportunity.

Mastering The Grant Proposal Process

Our team will help you prepare and research to masterfully convey reasons why someone should award your organization the grant you’re applying for. 

Do you struggle with finding the words to present a compelling case for support in a grant? Maybe it’s a matter of getting reconnected with your why… Let us help you, email

Grant writing consultation and preparation can come in the form of a consultant or coach that can bring a fresh perspective to existing or new programs. Our grant writer has been fortunate to serve as a panelist for the State of Florida’s Division of Arts and Culture grant program for two years with a 90% awarded success rate on grant proposals. 

What to expect from your grant writer:

We are able to review past grants you have written, identify areas for improvement, and provide guided grant writing assistance or write the grant proposal for you.

We offer 3 styles of grant writing support services:

  1. Hourly consultation 
    • Create a strategy for improving your grant writing process
    • Reviewing past or potential grant opportunities with proven strategies
  2. Guided support for your first grant 
    • A strategy, plus support during the research and preparation stage 
    • Virtual meetings to discuss action items & due dates prior to submission
    • Support in finalizing the submission & how to submit
  3. Full Support
    • Research and preparation
    • Writing
    • Review and approval
    • Submitting by deadline

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