Helping you stay connected with customers in changing times

Open sign behind glass doorWe’re currently facing a very strange and uncertain time. Our communities are being tested. Local businesses are confused about what to do, and so are their customers. Because we want to help improve communication in our community, Stephanie and I have decided to do something we never expected. We’re giving away one of our services for free.

If your business operations have been impacted by COVID-19, we would like to give you free Local SEO updates to help keep your customers informed about changes to the services you provide.

What is a Local SEO update?

Below is an example of a coffeeshop that was losing traffic and business. We worked with them to communicate with customers the changes to their services related to COVID-19. Even though the organic online traffic to their listing continues to drop (red graph), engagements like phone calls are now dramatically on the rise. This is translating into new business and sales for their location.

When people search for a local business on Google, the business should have a listing that comes up in search that offers accurate information about current services. Customers count on this information being up-to-date and factual in order to plan their visit to your store. A lot of local places just don’t have the time or resources to learn how to manage these updates.

How we plan to help

Image of updates to Google Business listing for cafe menuAs businesses look to expand to offer curbside takeout and expanded their service areas, it’s essential to update these new offers directly in your search profiles.

We help by making changes to your listing related to how your operations have been affected by the spread of the coronavirus or COVID-19. Some examples of these local updates include:

  1. Updating your hours of operations, like letting people know as soon as you’ve re-opened
  2. Showcasing special offers or virtual events available to offset the spread of COVID-19
  3. Adding/updating menus to improve the customer experience for curbside pickup
  4. Expanding your featured products and services with new information
  5. Offering community leadership by showcasing you’re new campaigns

We expect to come out stronger as a result of these challenges. We hope you’ll join us in improving communication with our friends and neighbors so that we can continue to stay safe while supporting our local businesses.

This offer is intended for establishments in or around the Lakeland & Winter Haven, FL, area. But anyone who needs extra help should feel free to contact us.

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