Google Ad Grant Optimization

If your nonprofit isn’t on the first page of Google, it doesn’t exist

Google knows when people are interested in learning more about your volunteer opportunities, fundraising events, and other initiatives. So, why isn’t your online content reaching these people organically?

You don’t get the traffic you expect when your website gets buried under other search results. Instead of clicking to learn more about you, prospective donors and volunteers are clicking on those other websites where their contributions will have less of an impact.

There’s a shortcut to getting bumped up in search results

SEO is a worthwhile long-term investment to improve visibility in search. Most people want immediate results. They see the value in paying to improve their position right away so they don’t miss leads that are already available.

By paying for Google Ads, companies place a bid for a higher position on the search page.

Our Google Ad Grant helps drive awareness among young people and connects them to the resources and information they need. Let’s do this!
Carrie Bloxson, CMO,

Google search ads are free for nonprofits

Google believes that nonprofits shouldn’t have to pay for ads. Through Google Ad Grants, nonprofits are given a chance to bid on searches that are related to their mission and purpose.

You don’t have to pay Google a dime for these ads, and your potential ad spend is high. The Google Ad Grant budget caps out at $10,000 a month.

Here’s the catch. And I know you were expecting one. Setting up and managing a Google Ads account takes time, research, and some serious skills.

Google Ad Grant management is hard to learn and time-consuming

While the ads may be free, actual setup and maintenance for a high-performing Google Ad Grant account require professional expertise. Not all agencies are able to provide grant services because—never mind how important the service—managing a Google Ad Grant is very different than a typical Google Ads account. It can become difficult and time-consuming to pull off.

Fortunately, there are free resources available online to help you succeed if you choose to go the DIY-route. Here are few to get you started:

Not everyone has the time or resources to manage a Google Ad Grant. You don’t have to go it alone.

Count on Results

The Last Six Months of Good Intents Optimizing Google Grants

We value transparency, and we want you to see the results we’re currently delivering to customers like you. The numbers below are automated from accounts based on our overall account performance over the last six months.

Jump ahead of the crowd

We have years of experience managing Google Ads accounts. To get started, tell us a little about yourself and your organization.

RKD Group’s work on our Google Ad Grants account during Hurricane Harvey allowed us to reach people who were hurting in our community, and reach those who wanted to help rebuild our community. Google Ads were critical to driving impact for disaster relief efforts.
Adele Brady, Director of Communications, The Houston Food Bank

Benefits of Google Ad Grant management

NGOs, NPOs, Nonprofits, 501(c)3s

Support your existing iniatives and campaigns by claiming your Google Ad Grant and keeping it active.

  • Recruit new volunteers and engage existing volunteers
  • Attract prospective donors and build momentum for fundraisers
  • Increase awareness for your mission and purpose
  • Generate high quality leads for your email lists
  • Boost traffic to existing content

See a few of our pre-packaged Google Ad Grant management services for building awareness, sustainability, and growth.

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