Apply Now For Microsoft Ads For Social Impact!

Where do Microsoft ads get displayed?

microsoft ads for nonprofits

Bing, Yahoo, AOL,, MSN, and Microsoft Edge

These platforms represent 15 billion searches worldwide making them a key component to diversifying your marketing efforts. We know ads can help you grow awareness around your mission, attract new donors, and accelerate your mission outcomes! There are plenty of opportunities for you to reach your target audience with Microsoft Advertising!

There are loads of other offerings by Microsoft for Nonprofits, mostly dealing with software and cloud products. We certainly want to help you navigate all the opportunities they’re offering when it comes to email, hosting, and the cloud. 

Take these steps for up to $5,000 per month of free advertising on the Microsoft platform.

  1. First, check your eligibility here 
  2. Next, register your nonprofit (this may take up to 2 weeks)
  3. Once approved in the nonprofit portal, submit your application

Finally, you’ll want to make sure you set your Microsoft Ads up for success. We can help with this. Let us take care of it for you. All current customers with an active Google Ads Grant managed by Good Intents can add the Microsoft Advertising account for $150. 

Stephanie Hoskins owns and operates Good Intents Marketing, a company that specializes in digital marketing for nonprofits and businesses. Read more blog articles. Connect with Stephanie on LinkedIn.