employee cybersecurity breach

Cyber Threats And Protecting Your Organization

What causes most cybersecurity breaches?

Hint: It’s not black hats, nor is it advanced malware or ransomware. 

Email inboxes, websites, social media posts are full of threats these days. We are all one bad tap, swipe, or click away from giving the enemy the ability to access our organization or business. We are going to cover the opportunities your organization should be aware of in order to create the greatest defense for your cybersecurity ecosystem. 

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Questions to ask yourself to better understand your cybersecurity ecosystem:

  1. Do your online forms or payment processing provide security reporting?
  2. Could your business be targeted by a supply chain attack?
  3. Are you especially vulnerable to webspam?
  4. How closely do you monitor your network, and how well-organized are your sensitive assets?

Covering the basics of cybersecurity

  • Phishing – sending fraudulent emails to collect private data
  • Spear phishing – targeted email to person or organization directing the user to a site full of malware
  • Social Engineering – manipulating individuals into divulging confidential or personal information for fraudulent use
  • Passwords – reviewing best practices for password integrity

Security postures are constantly changing and evolving, just like your business. Interested in finding the gaps in your organization? Contact the cybersecurity expert Robert Hoskins at Guidepoint Security.

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