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Webinar on successful Google Ad Grant management

Stephanie and I really had a great time sharing information on the webinar yesterday. Tech4Good is doing great things in the Tampa and Baltimore areas. If you missed it, you can check out past and upcoming presentations on their meetup page. Of course, you can watch our webinar right here:

During the webinar, we looked at the SKAG (single keyword ad group) as a way to better understand the user experience from search to conversion. We also provided an overview and several additional slides with extra information to steer you in the right direction to optimize your account with techniques from automating rules to setting up an ROAS strategy. Here’s a direct link to our Google Ad Grant slides.

In this update, I also want to provide a brief overview of Google Ad Grants focusing on three points:

  • What the grant is (simplified)
  • Why your organization needs it
  • And, why not everyone is using it

If your nonprofit isn’t on the first page of Google, it doesn’t exist

Google knows when people are interested in learning more about your volunteer opportunities, fundraising events and other initiatives. So, why isn’t your online content reaching these people organically?

You don’t get the traffic you expect if your website gets buried under other search results. Instead of clicking to learn more about you, prospective donors and volunteers are clicking on those other websites where their contributions will probably have less of an impact.Nonprofit website link buried on the SERP or search engine results page.

There’s a shortcut to getting bumped up in search results

SEO is a worthwhile long-term investment to improve visibility in search. Most people want immediate results. They see the value in paying to improve their position right away so they don’t miss leads that are already available.

By paying for Google Ads, companies place a bid for a higher position on the search page.

Google search ads are free for nonprofits

Google believes that nonprofits shouldn’t have to pay for ads. Through Google Ad Grants, nonprofits are given a chance to bid on searches that are related to their mission and purpose.

You don’t have to pay Google a dime for these ads, and your potential ad spend is high. The Google Ad Grant budget caps out at $10,000 a month.Nonprofit listings get a bump to the top of SERP with an effective Google Ad Grant.

Setting up and managing a regular Google Ads account takes time, research, and some serious skills. Managing a Google Ad Grant account has its own set of unique challenges.

Google Ad Grant management is hard to learn and time-consuming

While the ads may be free, actual setup and maintenance for a high-performing Google Ad Grant account require professional expertise. Not all agencies are able to provide grant services because—never mind how important the service—managing a Google Ad Grant is very different from a typical Google Ads account. It can become difficult and time-consuming to keep up with changes in compliance standards like the big update that rolled out in January 2018.

Now, you have to worry about compliance standards. Google is setting a higher bar for performance since it wants the ads to be successful both for your organization and your users.

Compliance matters if you want to keep the grant

Google has tracked the statistics, and they’ve found that there’s a relationship between results and frequency of account activity. In other words, checking in on the account more often seems to lead to more success.

Do you have someone on staff who can check on your account daily? What about weekly? Monthly?

Does anyone on staff have time to evaluate the effectiveness of an ad group? Who is available to do keyword maintenance?

If you have someone who can do all of this plus everything else they have on their plate—and maybe that person is you—then go for it! If you or your team ever have any questions while going it DIY, please feel free to reach out to us. We’ll do what we can to help you.

The additional funds from this grant provide such a great opportunity to bolster your nonprofit’s current SEO and social media strategies. You must find a way to reap the rewards from it. There are workarounds for time and financial restraints. With the right people on the job, you can get great results through this program.

NGOs, NPOs, 501(c)3s … At Good Intents, we want to help nonprofits achieve even more success from their digital marketing strategies. If you work for or know of any nonprofits that would benefit from free advertising dollars or a fresh pair of eyes, we want to know more about their organization and the work that they’re doing. Please, tell them that Stephanie and I are interested in connecting.